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    Thursday, July 02, 2009

    Check out my new blogs people...
    I'll no longer be blogging here ;P
    I divided my blog into 4: Music, Movies, TV and well, my life
    If you are interested, well, Thank you haha...

    For movies: www.tc-mymovies.blogspot.com
    For music: www.tc-mymusic.blogspot.com
    For TV: www.tc-mytube.blogspot.com
    For a Piece of me: www.tc-myspace.blogspot.com

    Thanks a lot
    Take care and see you guys around

    With Lotsa Lurve,

    With Lots of Love & Hugs & Kisses & Chris Richardson's scent from BabyT ;

    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    (I made the pic above as a tribute to my fave couple on DWTS 8)

    Sometimes, we have to admit that reality shows that requires voting just ain't fair.
    Usually, it's not about who's the best, but rather, who's the most popular.
    And today, sadly, once again i face this fact. Gilles Marini, consistently on the TOP of the Dancing with the Stars chart has lost to Shawn Johnson.

    Well, surprisingly, 4 months ago when the casts of the new season was revealed, I knew immediately it was going to be Shawn. I mean, the history of DWTS says it - all Olympian or sportsmen/women usually wins it. And therefore, I knew Shawn is going to win before it even started. Then when I saw Gilles, I thought, wow...maybe this time, things would be different, because Gilles is really really BRILLIANT.

    Gilles, however, is French and has a really small fan base. (I'd say maybe none?) I mean, have you even heard of Gilles Marini before this (or even now?) Sadly, no. But he is hot. He has a cameo in "Sex and the City: The Movie" and apparently in "Ugly Betty". See, I don't even notice him before. But now, I'm definitely gonna. He's really hot...especially in Paso Doble! OMG!

    So with his small fan base, it is difficult for him to get votes. But...he has managed to get to the FINALS and that means HE IS REALLY REALLY GOOD!!! And the best part is, he is paired with one of my MOST favourite pro dancer, Cheryl Burke. What a combination....!

    The thing about Gilles is, he is the ONLY male celebrity on the show, throughout 8 seasons that I actually love watching. Usually I focus on the girls dancing, I mean, duh...their legs and movements....so stunning. But Gilles, he is the only male celebrity who can shake it and dance like a PRO. He's fluid and his body movements are beautiful. Seriously...if you actually watch DWTS...you'll know what I mean.

    Cheryl has always been great in chereography, even though I do think that Derek and Mark and Julianne are also good. But Cheryl is the more serious or conventional kinda chereographer, whereas Derek, Mark & Julianne are younger, so they are more fun and usually they add hip-hop styles in their moves. Cheryl is great in creating a dance with storylines and also always brings out the character or personality of her celeb partner. So she always score with the judges on that.

    For example, Cheryl & Gilles 'Quickstep' is most amazing! It made me love them and most importantly, made me love Quickstep which I usually think is boring. In their QuickStep, Gilles play Clark Kent and Cheryl plays Louis...it's brilliant. You should watch it on YouTube. There are so many other dances that wowed me...I can't describe it all.
    (Gilles & Cheryl's Quickstep)

    When they dance, you really feel the emotions. I've watched many many "Dancing with the Stars" clips on Youtube...but no one ever captured me with their emotions during the dances. Gilles taught me what is translating emotions into dances. Every step he takes in his dance, he delivers in emotions....you see he feels it. He is an ARTISTE! That makes him different. It is boring to see some dancers because there is not personality or emotions in the dances, but there is with Gilles. I don't know how to credit his techniques (but I'm sure they are good) but I know that he is a true performer.

    I think with his ability to carry his emotions into his dancer, he is definitely a FANTASTIC actor. I think it's a waste that he doesn't get to star in more bigger roles. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of him because i think he is really talented. i hope the show opened up more opportunities for him.

    But today was sad because Gilles lost to Shawn. Sigh....VERY DISAPPOINTED. I admit though that during the finals, Shawn's freestyle was exceptional, but Gilles' paso was also BRILLIANT!...but then again, sadly, the freestyle is like the determinant factor, just like how the American Idols are judged based on their final song. DARN IT! But Shawn is also one great dancer, she is also very fun to watch. And so CONGRATULATIONS SHAWN!

    Gilles has been on the TOP for the most weeks and gained the most 30 in the season...so in my heart, HE IS STILL THE WINNER & THE BEST MALE DANCER THROUGHOUT ALL 8 SEASONS!!!

    I'm just so sad that I won't be able to look forward to another of his dance. Sigh...
    Love Gilles & Cheryl all the way....

    -tammy the awesome-

    With Lots of Love & Hugs & Kisses & Chris Richardson's scent from BabyT ;

    Tuesday, April 21, 2009

    2 days ago, the new Miss USA was crowned. The beauty queen with the crown this year? - Miss North Carolina, Kristen Dalton.

    I think most Miss USAs (not the teens though) are all really smart ladies with brains, unlike our local beauties. I'm not saying that all Miss Malaysia contestants are lousy, but seriously, among the 14 contesting in the Miss Malaysia pageant, I think there is only 1 or 2 that are really deserving of the title. And sometimes, you really think, this year's pageant is really a waste of time. There is no one whom I'd choose to represent my country in the Miss Universe competition.

    Don't get me wrong. Malaysia has many beauty with brains. It's just that these girls just won't join the pageant. I mean, seriously, if you are beautiful & intelligent, why would you join the Malaysian pageant right?? The Malaysian pageant is known for its 'high' quality. To be associated with that??

    When you see a Miss USA contestant, you see a charismatic, confident, active, intelligent, beautiful, hot woman, who has the poise and that elegance - a lady that represents America. When you see a Miss Malaysia contestant, most of the time, the words Ah Lian, wanna-marry-rich man, celebrity-wannabe, Manglish...all comes to mind. I'm really sorry, but it is true.

    The only time I'd watch Miss Malaysia is when I heard that they do well in the Miss Universe pageant. Only few managed to do that. Lina Teoh, Arianna Teoh and I forgot her name, Priya Henry or something. My favourite Miss Malaysia of all times - Lina Teoh. I still think by far, she's the best. When I see her, I don't see her wanting to be glamourous or famous, but I see someone who is humble, confident and just a woman with beauty and intelligence. She's not in the local scene so often anymore, I think she is married with a family now, but she still is someone whom I'll remember. She was 2nd runner-up in the 1998 Miss World pageant and I was really really proud that time.

    Anyway back to Miss USA this year. The hot topic was that Miss California (the 1st runner-up) lost the title to Miss North Carolina because of her controversial answer. Miss California was asked whether or not other states in America should follow in Vermont's footsteps to legalize same sex marriage.

    She answered that she is happy to be in a country whereby one can choose who to marry - same sex or not, but in her family, she believes that a marriage should be in between a man and a woman. And she added, no offense to anyone.

    Even though I do not see eye-to-eye with her views, I think she answered very well and very honestly. I mean, if she doesn't believe in gay or lesbianism, at least she is honest about it. If she lied just to win the crown, I think that would make her a person with no integrity.

    But if you ask me, I believe that a marriage should be between the two person getting married - regardless of sex. As long as they are happy....

    The judge Perez Hilton said she lost the crown because of her answer. Some of the people in the crowd also booed her and it is the first time they say, that a Miss USA got booed. I think the judges are in a difficult position too. If they let her win, it might show that they are anti-same sex marriage.

    I think her being in second place is the best. At least it's a win-win situation for both. I mean, second is not a bad position to be in.

    Anyway since the tabloids and news were sensationalizing this issue, I thought I'd share my two-cents also. But seriously though, did you guys check out this year's Miss Malaysia finalists??
    3 words in one - OMG!!! Only one worth looking at and I pray to God that she can speak well!!!

    Sorry la..i know I'm in no position to judge. Maybe I should also check my own face in the mirror. But then again, if you join the pageant, you should be ready for judgments...and criticisms. At least I keep my face within my house ok...

    p/s: i am so lazy to do my assignments so i end up doing this 'mo liu' (lame & time wasting) post

    With Lots of Love & Hugs & Kisses & Chris Richardson's scent from BabyT ;

    Friday, April 03, 2009

    NO! I have not been abducted by any aliens and NO I'm definitely not dead!

    Well I know i've abandoned my blog for quite some time so i'm just trying to reassure you that I have not evaporated into thin air.

    I've been very tied up with the stupid e-learning thing, which caused me being emotionally unstable last week. In fact, I'm still waiting for this week's attendance in order for me to be completely calm.

    So what happened? Background detail: We have to do e-learning 3 hours per week.

    Last week, i was working and therefore, my strategy for e-learning was to concentrate on reading more articles online first and contribute to the forum this week. I though just reading articles is sufficient since my 'lovely' lecturer said tat reading articles also means participating in e-learning. Apparently NOT because when the attendance list came out, i scored only 15 points, (and i have no idea how it is converted to hours) meaning to say i didn't do my 3 hours last week.

    Personally, I can assure you that I've spent more than 3 hours reading the articles, but since reading the articles SUDDENLY DOES NOT CONTRIBUTE TO ATTENDANCE, I did not score enough points. I managed 15 points be of the only one hour or less i spent on the forum, waiting for it to load.

    Logging on to the e-learning forum took too long so instead my strategy was to read more articles online first, then later, write my forum contributions in WORD DOCUMENT, and later just post them. But now apparently I can't do that.

    My biggest mistake was actually READING THE ARTICLES instead of READING THE POSTS ON THE FORUM. I am stupid....should have let the forum load though it takes hours. Should have been patient...just let it load...

    My 'kind' and so 'understanding' lecturer just ASSUMED that i'm giving excuses. I understand he has many students who are doing well and many also are giving excuses. But this doesn't mean that he should just disregard students who are genuinely in need of help. If he is so busy and cannot cope because he has so many students under him, well, let someone who can handle it take that super-high position. No matter how many PHD on your forehead, if you are up there, it is your responsibility to really understand the problem of your students.

    Plus, he conveyed the wrong info to us....IF READING ARTICLES DO NOT CONTRIBUTE TO OUR ATTENDANCE, SAY SO! DONT SAY CAN READ ARTICLES. Honestly, it will kill us okay. We get low marks because of that, and then you blame us for not participating. ANd when we say we did - we read articles but because of the connection is bad we didn't enter the forum yet ...you say we should 'ask ourselves this or that'....Please...I've asked myself and i confirmed that I did participate by reading articles and just not the FORUM OKAY! So i wanted to confirmed with him whether or not READING ARTICLE is part of participating in e-learning....HE AGAIN DISREGARD THE QUESTION...and give me with those i-already-know stuff.

    i gave suggestions on how i can participate, like maybe email him or sumthin so that at least if the connection is bad and i cannot post, he can still read my work. But he again DISREGARD my suggestion and just throw back a few i-already-know facts.

    I told him the connection is bad....and he said it is excuses. So i have no where to run to. I then emailed my TARC lecturers. I saw a *light*.....You see, I totally admire my local lecturers. THey don't need a BIG title, or to be known as a UK lecturer, but they are great because they are problem solvers. THey do not judge their students. They don't assume that their students are giving excuses. They try to find out more first and would advise us.

    We were advised to Print Screen the problem so that they can file it and later present to LJMU as evidence. I don't know whether it is Mr. Chuan, Miss Lim or Josephine (one of the class leaders) who suggested this, but whoever did is TOTALLY BRILLIANT and SMART. Anywayz, better than Print Screen, I've recorded down how *beep* long it took just to log on. If this few weeks i don't earn back my points...i'm so gonna complain...

    Anyway i got to go back to e-learning...i think i has finish loading haha

    take care

    -tammy the awesomist-
    they say have fun in UK...pre-Uk is already stressful

    With Lots of Love & Hugs & Kisses & Chris Richardson's scent from BabyT ;

    Wednesday, March 25, 2009

    I pray
    That good things come your way,
    Though you can't see the sun ray
    During summer or at the end of May,
    But always remember,
    That there is always the next day

    I'll wish upon the shining star,
    That no matter where you are,
    You'll go far,
    That you'll see a light shining you,
    And that this light will guide you through

    I hope that you'll see the positive,
    Instead of pondering on the negative,
    I hope that you'll reach for the moon,
    And if you shall fall,
    You'll fall upon them stars

    I hope you know that confidence will bring you far,
    So be confident but humble no matter where you are,
    And though I know I might not be the one by your side,
    For they are many out there that you so like,
    But I hope you know I'm silently there,
    To help with all I can and care....

    tammy c
    -sometime ago-

    With Lots of Love & Hugs & Kisses & Chris Richardson's scent from BabyT ;

    Friday, March 20, 2009

    Going to LJMU and being in UK is already stressful enough considering the fact that I have to deal with so many assignments in just 3 months.

    Dad is making it worst for me. Sometimes, i guess it is so stressful that i feel the need to please and live up to my dad's standards, even when i feel that i've given my best. And what he says always makes me doubt whether I'm good enough.

    I was talking to dad about how some of my friends are reconsidering the decision to further their studies and like how one of my friend has found an alternative course which he plans to do. I was just saying these stuff because i thought of sharing some conversational topics with him and not to tell him that i'm also having the same thoughts. He then continued with his lecture and then added a few lines that hurt me so bad.

    He told me that from the way he is seeing things, he feel that my new bunch of advanced diploma friends are influencing me. He feels that i'm making a decision because i want to stick with the big group. Even when i made my decision to stay in TARC to continue my advanced diploma, he feels so, I guess.

    The thing is, I'm so tired of people not believing in me. I hate to be a follower but no one understands. All of my decisions are 90% based on what I really want for myself. If i have to take a different step from the rest, i will. I did after Form 5 when i left all my best friends for TARC...all of them went to Form 6 except me.

    Honestly, I've never budged from my decision to continue my studies in the UK even though i find it really stressful for me. And honestly, i was just telling my dad how stressful i am because i need to confide in someone at that moment and i guess, it shouldn't have been him. Never ever should be i guess. SO many times have i opened up and ended up feeling worst. WHat's the point anymore? They say talk to your parents. I guess...sometimes, it's not that simple and then all you have got is your friends. And they don't like your friends.

    My advanced diploma results have deteriorated yes. I'm not finding an excuse but i honestly feel that it's the new grading system. If the results were to be graded according to the old system, i've gotten straight As because all the B+ i got used to be As. I guess now i know that my previous As were not high As. I feel that maybe that's my standard but dad seems to think it's my new bunch of friends. Again I don't know what to say. Am I really at fault here?

    Now i feel like i have to really to push and strain myself in order to prove that it's not my friends' fault. Of course I aim high for my degree but I also don't want to have my expectations too high. But now, I guess, nothing but a first class is good enough for him.

    I love my friends. I think my classmates are the coolest people on Earth. They are playful but not bad people. It is true that many times they lack time management lar, but hanging out with them is the best time of my life. And my parents don't know that i guess. I just feel that they need to cut me some slack. I just wanna be YOUNG and have some fun. But in some ways, I feel so tied up.

    My dad don't tell me directly that he doesn't like me hanging so much with these friends, not until today, but that means taking away the happy moments in my life. Plus, it's not like i joined them for all activities, just selected ones and he is already having issues. During exams, I don't even hang out.

    Today I came back from a gathering with my friends. Considering the fact that i'm already 22 and that i do have a bunch of quite playful friends, I came home a bit late, around 11.30pm. I know that my parents are worried, and i always try my best to go home early, but sometimes, we just 'love' each other so much that we wanna hang out longer. So eventually I still am a bit late.

    Mum says that dad is conservative, and therefore there are a lot of things that he doesn't accept. I always thought that dad is somewhat reasonable, maybe he is in certain things, but he never fully understands me. That's why i feel no matter how i try to open up, he won't understand what i mean and maybe I don't get his ways. Maybe he has gone through what it's like being my age, but we are different individuals with different wants in life. So, i guess, maybe my sis could be right, just don't tell dad everything. Cuz why wanna hurt yourself, right?

    I guess on the outside, most people see me as confident and happy-go-lucky. I am usually cheerful and seems like problem-free. It's like they think that I won't feel hurt in any way. My family all thinks i'm naive and stupid but whatever I do, I do for a reason and a personal judgment which they won't understand. My judgment could be stupid to them, but if i feel that it is something that i can live with and take consequences for, i think i've made the right choice. Call me naive or whatever but this is me. Idealistic but rational at times. The good thing is, like i said, i get over things quite easily so i'll probably be better tomoro.

    Whatever said, I know that I hold no grudges towards them because i know that at the end, they are always there. But i guess,

    Whatever it is....today ended badly with people doubting me. Hopefully tomoro, I'll be happier....

    Tammy c

    With Lots of Love & Hugs & Kisses & Chris Richardson's scent from BabyT ;

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    In reply to all JT's comments:

    Thanks JT for your comments....I know that very itsy-bitsy biblical knowledge from some readings and documentaries i watched on YouTube. I am really really into the myths and stories behind Gods... Greek Gods and also Jesus. It's not whether I believe or not but i just love to search stuff abt these historical stories...very very interesting!

    Anyway I think I get what you mean and in fact, if you explain that way right, abt how there were people helping Jesus during his way to crucifixion, i think i feel now that maybe that's another similarity of Superman and Jesus. Jesus needs a minor help from passersby in order to continue his larger cause, just like Superman.

    Now thinking about it, maybe getting some minor help is not exactly a weakness. But I guess towards to end, the only thing that differentiates a HERO and GOD is that heroes might have still one or two weaknesses despite being great but GOD (in some context) have none. But you might be interested to know that Greek Gods all have weaknesses, in fact quite a lot. Like Apollo, Aphrodite and even Zeus. I guess because they are all once humans....born with powers.

    And also i agree with your point about Aslan. Besides the point you mention, also the concept that when you need Aslan and call for him, He'll be there. But it's like he's always there, but not physically visible. only those who choose to believe that he is there and is always there will get his message. Like Lucy...she believes in Aslan's presence.

    Anywayz take care and hope to chat more in class la haha...but need to pay attention...

    With Lots of Love & Hugs & Kisses & Chris Richardson's scent from BabyT ;